Residential Phone Services

InfoWest offers world class Residential VoIP service to the home over any broadband connection such as cable, fixed wireless or DSL. Not only is your home phone service more affordable, but you can now access the same powerful features and functionality usually reserved for big businesses.  Keep your existing phone number, stop paying for long distance, and enjoy enhanced features at no extra charge!

Monthly Charge $27.95
Total Minutes Unlimited (Both local & long distance)
One-time Activation Fee $10
E911 Fee* $1.99/mo
Port Number Charge $10 one-time fee
Misc. Taxes, including USF** Varies by location.


  • Voice mail
  • Copy voice mail to email
  • Caller ID – See who is calling before you pick up
  • Call forwarding – Forward your calls to another number
  • Call Waiting – Don’t miss an important call while you are on the line
  • Call logs – see your incoming, outgoing and missed calls online at any time
  • Voice mail indication tones
  • Optional on-site installation available – call for details.
  • … and dozens of other standard features you don’t get with traditional residential phone lines

Residential Phone Features

InfoWest VOIP Service gives you access to dozens of features normally only found on high-end business PBX’s. This page is a list of all the access codes you can dial from your phone to activate services such as call waiting, redial, etc.



Code Feature
*98 Access Your Voicemail
 *67 + Phone Number Hides your Caller ID from the person you’re calling
*69 Calls the last number that called your number
 *72 + Phone Number Enables call forwarding to the specified phone number
*73 Disables call forwarding
*78 Enables Do-Not-Disturb for your phone
*79 Disables Do-Not-Disturb for your phone
Establishing Your Voicemail Greeting(s):

Dial *98 and enter your Password/PIN followed by the #.

The first time you go to your voicemail, the attendant will prompt you for to record a greeting.

You may also access your portal to update greetings here

Checking Your Voicemail Messages:

Dial *98 and enter your Password/PIN, then press #.

Option 1 for new messages

Option 2 for old and/or saved messages