Router Frequently Asked Questions

Yes and No. Most InfoWest connections require your new router to be configured with a PPPoE connection type that uses a Username and Password to validate your internet connection. It is best to contact your local InfoWest office to determine whether or not your connection requires this username and password.
Modern day routers are equipped with "Dual Bands". This means that the router has the capability of broadcasting 2 separate WiFi connections; 2.4GHz and 5GHz.
2.4 GHz is a longer radio wave that has the ability to penetrate objects better and cover more distance effectively. 5GHz is a shorter radio wave that has the ability to transmit more speed. However, because of its smaller radio wave, it has a difficult time penetrating objects and broadcasting long distances.
Holding down the reset button on your router causes all of InfoWest’s connection settings in the router to disappear as well as your WiFi Name and Password. InfoWest Tech Support can walk you through re-configuring your router over the phone or you may bring your router into the office to have a team member re-configure it for you.
No. A modem is a digital translator that helps your router understand your internet connection. Your InfoWest internet connection already speaks the same digital language as a typical router. Most Internet Service Providers still use Modem/Router combos that are not compatible with an InfoWest internet connection. If you are unsure if your routing device is compatible, an InfoWest team member can provide you with answers.
InfoWest has a team of IT experts that can give you suggestions over the phone or come to your home for a fee to build you a custom WiFi bid to suit your needs.