Email Frequently Asked Questions

In order to configure your e-mail program to work with our mail servers you will need modify a few settings. We recommend you use an email Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) client such as Outlook or Thunderbird, however POP3 (Post Office Protocol) accounts such as, Gmail, Yahoo & Hotmail will work as well. IMAP accounts will allow you to keep your email on the server, which is accessible from our InfoWest Webmail.

Username: Your e-mail (
Password: Your password
E-Mail Address: Your e-mail (
Incoming Mail Server:
Outgoing Mail Server:
Outgoing Mail Authentication: ENABLED
SSL/TLS Secure Connection for Incoming and Outgoing: ENABLED
Alternate Outgoing Mail Submission Port: 587 (default is 25)

If you would like assistance in configuring these settings into your e-mail program please give our technical support team a call at 435.674.0165 (ext. 2) and we can walk you through the process of configuring your e-mail client correctly.
For security reasons, we ask that you give us a call at 435-674- 0165 or 1- 866-463- 6937 ext. 2 so we can assist you with this. InfoWest also recommends you change your email password every 6 months for safety. You can also go here: IMPORTANT: Once your password is changed, please make sure to update your password on all devices you use to check your email.
Definitely! You can access your InfoWest email by visiting: and logging in using your InfoWest username and password.
When you use the InfoWest Spam Trap filter to report spam, you’re not only cleaning out your own Inbox, but helping us to better filter our unwanted or malicious emails. You can access your InfoWest Spam Trap by visiting: and login using your InfoWest email username and password.
Your email account will automatically lock after too many failed login attempts. On rare occasions, your email account may also be locked if our system believes your email account has been compromised. To unlock your account, you will need to contact our technical support team at 435-674- 0165 ext. 2.

IMPORTANT: If you receive an email saying that your account has been locked and needs your InfoWest credentials, DO NOT give your information. InfoWest will never ask for your personal information via email. If you have any questions about an emails validity, please give our technical support team a call at 435-674- 0165 ext. 2.
You receive 5 InfoWest email addresses for Free with your InfoWest Internet service. You can manage these addresses by calling 866-463- 6937 ext. 3.
Spam is unwanted or unsolicited emails. You can filter spam emails by utilizing your InfoWest Spam Trap.