We’re making it simple and easy to keep your kids safe online with cyber safeguards for your whole family, on all connected devices.

Take back family time with a better, cleaner internet! FamilyFilter helps block adult content for safe searching, allows you to manage screen times, limit access to gaming, and parents can receive reports and alerts for each child.

FamilyFilter is compatible with any Internet Service Provider in the U.S.

Until the Internet can block itself, filter it!

  • Choose the type of content your kids can access
  • Block inappropriate sites and images

Find Balance by setting limits

FamilyFilter lets you set your family’s internet schedule, and customize the usage times for each member on your home network.

  • Take control of screen time.

Hit the Pause Button

Tired of dinner getting cold while kids are finishing up their game?

  • With a click of a button, you can pause a device or a whole group of devices.
  • Pause and unpause devices at anytime from anywhere.