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2020 School is Cool Backpack Giveaway

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St. George, Utah – InfoWest, Southern Utah’s premier internet service provider, is excited to announce the third annual School is Cool backpack giveaway. This year, we have added a second giveaway location and have even more backpacks to give to hundreds of students in our local Utah and Nevada communities.

This Thursday, July 16th, from noon until 2 pm, InfoWest employees will be handing out backpacks for school-age students at the InfoWest Overton office located at 196 S Moapa Valley Blvd in Nevada. Each backpack includes notebooks, pencils, markers, and so much more. All backpacks will be given on a first-come, first-serve basis.

For everyone’s safety, InfoWest has moved this year’s event outside to the parking lot to maintain proper social distancing. To limit the number of people attending, we no longer require children to attend to receive a free backpack.

At InfoWest, we believe it is important to provide reliable and affordable high-speed internet to the areas we serve and to give back to the communities that have helped our local company grow. All of our InfoWest team members live in the areas we serve, and we want to be good neighbors.

The second backpack giveaway event will be held August 3rd from noon until 2 pm at the InfoWest Richfield, Utah office at 136 N Main St.

Spread the word and mark your calendars! Let us help our students start the school year off right. For more information, visit: or call 435-773-6065.

InfoWest Expands Its Fiber Footprint in Southern Utah

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InfoWest Expands Local Fiber Hood

Southern Utah’s original Internet service provider has expanded its fiber network. InfoWest, The Internet People, recently acquired the Sienna Hills Fiber-to-the-Home development from Veracity Networks. Veracity had provided residents of Sienna Hills in Washington, Utah, with fiber internet service for the past ten years.

kelly nyberg ceo infowest

InfoWest CEO Kelly Nyberg

InfoWest President and CEO Kelly Nyberg said, “We have long respected Veracity Networks. They have done a fantastic job building and growing their fiber-optic service in Sienna Hills. InfoWest plans only to build on their efforts so we can achieve our main objective to provide the ultimate internet experience to every customer in our growing network.”

InfoWest has one of the largest wireless broadband networks within the Western United States. With over two hundred and fifty high-speed wireless internet tower locations across Utah, Arizona, and Southern Nevada. This new acquisition allows InfoWest to continue to grow its fiber-optic network, as well.

Over the next few months, InfoWest will begin transitioning the Sienna Hills fiber network to offer all residents in the area, reliable, local fiber internet service.

To learn more about the products and services we provide, visit: or call 435-674-0165.

Join InfoWest and Tell Congress NOT to Tax Your Internet

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The House of Representatives wants to add a “Universal Service Fund” fee (tax) to your internet bill (H.R 6723). Most of these fees would be used to subsidize telephone companies to provide broadband service in rural areas. Would you be surprised to learn that many rural telecom providers “wholeheartedly” endorse this bill? InfoWest opposes taxes on internet services. We hope you will join us in fighting this bill.

Here’s why:

√ USF fees of up to 25% greatly increase the cost of phone service and would also make broadband less affordable
√ USF fees are often used to subsidize providers that stifle competition and choice in their markets
√ USF fees are given to companies who have not delivered promised broadband improvements in states like Utah
Billions of dollars of USF fees have been wasted on bankrupt telecoms like Windstream and Frontier

For over 25 years, InfoWest has invested to provide rural areas with high speed internet at an affordable price, all without government subsidies. Please tell your congressional representative to say No to the Universal Broadband Act.

What is the USF? Created by the Telecommunications Act of 1996, the Universal Service Fund attempts to provide consumers in rural areas with access to high-speed internet and long-distance voice services. USF contributions are currently collected from a percentage of long-distance voice service revenues. As you can guess, long distance phone calls have dramatically declined in popularity. (Goodbye, landlines!) Due to this decline in contributions, there is an increasing burden on those who are required to contribute. Government officials say that the USF does not currently generate enough revenue to sustain itself long. The Universal Broadband Act is an attempt to support this fund for years to come.

What does this mean for you?

If passed, the Universal Broadband Act will require broadband internet users to pitch in.

While other facets of this bill may create greater oversight for government agencies, one major downfall is the proposed cost that will be passed on to consumers of broadband internet services. The fee is essentially a tax on the Internet. InfoWest believes in a free and fair market for our customers. For over 25 years, we have strived to provide rural areas with quality high-speed internet at an affordable price. The government continues to add rules and regulations that create a stiff barrier of entry in many small towns, making the cost of providing broadband service to rural America climb. Instead of mandating an additional fee, the government should lower regulations so broadband companies can better compete with larger government-subsidized internet companies. Our goal at InfoWest continues to be to provide high-speed internet for more rural populations at affordable prices.

Take Action – contact your state’s representatives and tell them to vote against the Universal Broadband Act

A Message from InfoWest about the Coronavirus

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At InfoWest, the safety of our employees and customers is our top priority. We know the Coronavirus or COVID-19 has been on top of everyone’s mind recently. Yesterday the governor held a televised broadcast to update the public on safety measures that we have been asked to follow to reduce the impact and spread of the virus.

In response to growing concerns, InfoWest will immediately initiate the following practices:

1.    Schedulers will ask if anyone in your home is sick and will offer to reschedule your installation or service call if someone is ill. Should you or anyone in your home start experiencing symptoms of illness, please notify our scheduling/installation department immediately.

2.    All installers will carry hand sanitizers and other health protection measures.

3.    We will ask customers to respect a space of at least 6 feet of social distancing from our employees when on-site.

4.    If an Installer arrives on-site and feels there is any potential threat, he will have the right to suspend the installation (at no charge to the customer) for his safety.

5.    Any InfoWest staff who starts feeling sick have been asked to remain at home. We are also encouraging our team to work from home where possible.

6.    We ask that if you have concerns or questions that can be conducted online or over the phone, please do so to limit the foot traffic in our offices.
Our team members will continue to work hard to give you the internet you need to keep you and your family updated during this unprecedented time. We will continue to monitor this quickly evolving situation and are here to assist our customers as needed.

To reschedule your installation or service call, please call  435-674-0165 or visit us online at

For additional information about the Coronavirus or COVID-19, please visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at

Thank you for your continued support of our local company.