About Us

Our Team

You don’t stay in business for over 20 years without a great team. Our employees are passionate, experienced and dedicated to delivering great service.

Our Experience

In 1994 we were the only Internet provider in Southern Utah. Now with over 20 years of experience, you can count on us to deliver the best Internet experince available.

Our Network

Speed. Redundancy. Diversity. This, combined with solid partners, innovative solutions and continuous investment, ensures the best Internet connectivity in the region.

Our Commitment

We live here, and we want to be the kind of neighbors you will introduce your friends and family to. We treat you the way we would want be treated by our own neighbors.

Our History


Kelly, Aaron and Randy started InfoWest at Dixie College over 20 years ago. They still work here today.

Dial-Up 56K

Shortly after introducing dial-up internet to the area, we invested in fiber-optic equipment and hundreds of digital, 56k phone lines, a first in the area.


InfoWest partnered with ClearVision Cable to roll out the one of the nation's first dedicated cable modem systems, icable.com.


InfoWest brought some of the first dedicated DSL services to businesses over "dry copper" lines. Later this expanded to thousands of lines through the local phone company.

Cedar Office

InfoWest purchased NetUtah and SGINet to expand our service area into Iron County and our customer base by almost 50%.


We partnered with Skyview to bring cable modem internet over wireless to Southern Utah. We later expanded with dozens of our own towers covering a major portion of the state.

Utopia Fiber

Our Clean Internet service was well recieved when we expanded our footprint into Northern Utah to bring fiber-optic internet, phone and IPTV to Northern Utah.

Moapa Valley Office

We acquired and completely re-built the Comnett Internet wireless network serving Moapa Valley, Overton and Logandale Nevada.


We expanded our services to provide home and office security, automation and energy management services.